The Social Partners, recognizing the void as described above, proposed to the present Government, the idea of elaborating a National Development Plan to cover the next 15 years of nation building efforts. The Government accepted and endorsed the proposal as put forward




One of the weaknesses of Grenada as a State is the absence of a comprehensive long term Strategic Development Plan. By implication, this adversely affects Government’s ability to deliver sustained macro-economic management.

Following hurricane Ivan, a National Strategic Plan was developed in 2007. In 2011, there was an attempt to update this Plan with priorities of the new Administration; however, the revised Plan was never implemented. 

The Committee of Social Partners has urged that our Nation develop a long term development plan. Government’s intent to so do has been signaled in the most recent Throne Speech and the 2015 Budget Statement.

Indeed, there are already several documents that will be useful inputs for the National Sustainable Development Plan 2030.

These include:


• National Strategic Development Plan 2007

• Alternative Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2013

• Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2014



Possible BENEFITS of having a

Nation Development Plan:


·       Better society

·       Higher economic production and efficiencies

·       Education expansion and Human Resource Development

·       Reduced poverty

·       Lower unemployment

·       Nation equipped with purpose and direction

·       Youth re-socialization and fresh provisioning (new type of Grenadian citizen)

·       Grenadians working together for nation-building

·       Cultural embedding, propagation and management

·       National reconciliation

·       Right people/leaders relationships

·       Enlightened leadership mind-sets

·       Growing spirituality






·       Prolonged economic under-achievement

·       Persistent high poverty

·       High unemployment

·       Worsening state of Grenadian society

·       Un-reconciled Nation (post- Revolution)

·       Youth desperation and misdirection

·       Cultural displacement and devaluation

·       Spiritual poverty 

·       Inappropriate leadership


Mr. Michael S.W. Stephen - Government of Grenada (Chairman) Mr. William Joseph - Conference of Churches (Deputy Chairman)

Steering Committee

Dr. Patrick Antoine - Ministry of Finance (Chairman) Mr. Michael Baptiste - Ministry of Finance

Technical Working Group


Vision Statement and Slogan