Mr. Michael S.W. Stephen
Government of Grenada (Chairman)
Mr. William Joseph
Conference of Churches (Deputy Chairman)
Mr. Andre Lewis
Trade Union Council
Ms. Sandra Ferguson
Civil Society
Ms. Petipha Lewis-Smith
Private Sector Organisations
Sen. Judd Cadet
Youth Representative
Sen. Dr. Dunstan Campbell
Agricultural Representative
Mr. Carlton Frederick
New National Party
Mr. Ferron Lowe
National United Front
Mr. Vincent Roberts
National Democratic Congress
Rev. Joachim Phillip Lewis
Alliance of Evangelical Churches




Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee


·      Review and advise on the process for preparation of National Plan 2035;


·      Monitor progress on the preparation of the Plan;


·      Lead Public Consultations;


·      Support Stakeholders consultations.


·      Comment on the draft Chapters of the Plan.


·      Obtain Public approval of the Plan and deliver the approved Plan to the Minister of Economic Development.